The Future of Electrode Production

BREYER develops new calender system for electrode production by dry process.

The high-performance calender system BREYER IONPress achieves extremely low thickness tolerances in the compressed electrodes.

BREYER IONDry - future technology today
BREYER has been developing, building and delivering calender technology for the production of lithium electrodes for battery manufacturing for more than 10 years. Based on our experience of creating some 100 calenders for plastics processing, a special technology was developed in 2009 to achieve and exceed the requirements of cell manufacturers. 

Years of experience in calender roll development and gap control technology give users a lead in electrode production due to the future-oriented BREYER IONDry system.

Proven calender technology made in Germany
The high-performance calender system BREYER IONPress achieves extremely low thickness tolerances in the compressed electrodes. The delivery scope of the “Roll2Roll” system includes the winders and unwinders, the precise calender technology, as well as cleaning and monitoring devices. The entire system is produced at BREYER in Singen. 

Also since 2009, parallel with the BREYER IONPress compressing technology for wet-coated cells, BREYER has been working on the development of dry processes which enable the processing of dry and, ideally, solvent-free battery materials into a flowable film.

Future technology today

The development of two processes was simultaneously pursued: first, the extrusion process in which the dry materials are processed into a flowable film via an extruder and a sheet die. Simultaneously, research on this process is continued here through a publicly funded project, TROPEX, together with partners from industry and research.

In the second process, BREYER IONDry (patent pending), a film is first produced in several processing steps, then compressed and laminated onto the conductor. The special feature is that all three processing steps are handled by one machine and yet each processing step is individually considered due to the arrangement of the rolls and compression forces.  

Many years of know-how in the development of calender rolls and gap control technology enable the operator to be ahead in electrode production thanks to the future-oriented BREYER IONDry system.

For their own development, BREYER offers the development systems BREYER IONDry 400 lab and IONDry 400 core at a laboratory scale to innovative processing companies.

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Please contact us and ask us about BREYER IONDry and BREYER IONPress. The future has begun – with BREYER energy solutions you will also be one step ahead. 


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