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BREYER calender technology

BREYER calender system integration – keeping an eye on the entire process.

For the complete production of powerful LI-ion batteries a number of technologies and process steps are required. BREYER has focused on the calendering process in this production chain.

During the calendering process, required properties such as the increase of the power density, optimized electron transport and improved contact between the particles have to be achieved.

> BREYER offers an advantageous solution that guarantees direct power flow!

The BREYER technology comprises the calendering of the electrode film in the “roll-to-roll” method. The complete line also includes the unwinding of the coated substrate, the inline thickness measurement, surface cleaning and the winding of the electrode film. Upon request, other system components can be integrated.

The machine is equipped with a color touchscreen and process monitoring system for convenient operation.


Calender system for lithium-ion electrode production

  • Winder and unwinder (with winding shaft, cantilever or with bearings on both sides)  
  • Finely adjustable tension control and web edge control
  • Data collection via code reader 
  • Surface cleaning
  • Efficient substrate warm-up
  • Precision calender with direct compression 
  • Pre-stressed roller bearing 
  • Temperature controllable, solid rollers made of special steel 
  • Inline thickness monitoring system 
  • Process control and data collection
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