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BREYER calender technology for the production of electrode film for lithium-ion batteries


The new generation of the BREYER calenders represents a milestone in improving lithium-ion electrode film production.

The production of an electrode film (anode, cathode) requires high and individually adjustable line loads on the calender and high-precision calibration. The extremely low tolerances required in the calendering process are a challenge for the machine itself.

BREYER’s many years of experience in the field of calender system production enabled the development of a system that complies with the high precision standards in the production of electrodes. The precise and reliable calender system allows for extremely low thickness tolerances.

For operators, being able to adjust the film thickness reliably, quickly and reproducibly is a decisive factor. With the BREYER “fast & easy” gap adjustment technology, the adjustment even in such small dimensions becomes child’s play. This system, in combination with the inline thickness measurement, allows for the establishment of an automated gap control. 



  • Fast and reproducible thickness adjustment  
  • Variably adjustable line load up to 4000 N/mm
  • Direct gap measurement
  • Defined compression via servo-hydraulic roller adjustment for distance and force 
  • Lowest possible thickness tolerances 
  • Powerful individual drives 
  • Safety system 
  • Compact design  
  • Convenient user interface, easy operation 

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